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  • Please send suggestions for new links or notification of outdated links. If you have your own rating system, or know of any others, please let me know. If you wish to link to this directory, please link HERE.
    Before the colon, the systems are labeled with the type of mathematics used (Adv= advanced , Seq=sequential , Frm=formula, Met=meta--based on other rating systems), the information considered (Win= win/loss only, Scr=plus score--such as margin of victory, Hom=plus home field advantage, Oth=plus other--such as yardage ), intention (Pre=predictive, Ret=retrodictive, Mix=mixture), and divisions of teams ranked. Hom implies Scr. If Hom is used but not Scr, it gets Win+Hom

  • I-A,I-AA,II,III,NAIA will be a single link to combined rankings or rankings on a single page.

  • I-A+I-AA+II+III+NAIA will have a link to the ranking of each division.

  • On this page you will find the ratings or ranking of each person(s) and the NCAA or NAIA ratings page if different. The most important in the development of Internet College Football Ratings Sites are in bold.

After the ratings, you will find a date or green light () if they are up to date.
If the ranking or ratings have not received their first post of the season there will be a yellow light ()
If the ranking or ratings have stopped updating there will be a red light ()
If the ranking has an announced start date, it will show a date.
If your ranking has become active for the season with all teams ranked and is showing a yellow signal, please let us know.

I've discovered that a lot of things have gotten messed up due to some unfortunate accident. I am going to start reposting the entries as I update them. Updating began 30 March 2014. Each time I post an updated entry I will add a NEW tag at the beginning of the entry. Once they are all updated I will remove those. If your entry is outdated, send the information to and I will get to it as quickly as possible.

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