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Page Annual Monthly
All Pages Near Top $2000.00 $200.00
NCAA Football Middle Game Ratings $300.00 $30.00
NFL Middle Game Ratings $250.00 $25.00
Home Page $225.00 $22.50
NBA Middle Game Ratings $175.00 $17.50
The Girl's NFL and NCAA Football Ratings $150.00 $15.00
Tex Noel's Small College StatHistories $150.00 $15.00
Oddsmakers' Ratings $125.00 $12.50
The Girl's NBA Ratings $125.00 $12.50
NFL Combo Ratings $100.00 $10.00
MegaRanking $100.00 $10.00
Classic YourLinx Ratings $100.00 $10.00
My Favorite Rating Systems $75.00 $7.50
Real Fans $75.00 $7.50
Introduction to the Retro Ratings $50.00 $5.00
What Are the Best Systems? $50.00 $5.00
Nutshell Combo Ratings $50.00 $5.00
CFL Middle Game Ratings $20.00
Nutshell vs Nutshell Girl $20.00
Why is the Line Better than the Computers? $15.00
What Pages are Hot? $10.00
CFL Mini-Tracker $10.00
UFL Middle Game Ratings $5.00

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