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Recommended Links

The sites below are categorized by their content. These pages have links to my site that refer visitors to my site. I periodically check these links to see if my link is still there. If it is, your link stays. If not, it doesn't. I appreciate those sites that link to any of my pages and this page is set up to try to return the favor.


  1. You can link to any page that begins with
  2. Your page that I link to is the page with a link to mine.
  3. I don't sign up to sites to see if my link is there.
  4. I don't swap reciprocal links by request. To get a link here you have to put a link on your site. When I see referrals from your site, I add your link in its category.
  5. If I don't get a referral in any given thirty days, I delete your link until I do.
  6. No distasteful site links allowed.

The good thing about this page is that it gives you a good idea how many people visit the other sites because I have them listed by the number of referrals they send me and you can see what interests the site is devoted to. If you don't see your link here, either the link on your site is not there or you haven't sent a visitor in the last month from this date backward: 08/07/2010 . I can only detect the number of referrals to this site: . If it is on another server, your link won't be here. I update this page less than once per month, so be patient about getting your link listed. However, I may update it a week apart for a couple of weeks just in case you act quickly.

This is a good time to start the page since football is in the off-season. Hey, this would make a great start page.

Search Engines - I'm limiting these. I just don't have the time to list them all. I will add more next time.

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Ask
  4. Yahoo
  5. WWW Virtual Library
  6. Google Canada
  7. Google Mobile Search
  8. Google Turkey

  9. AOL
  10. Conduit
  11. Google UK
  12. Google Malaysia
  14. Google Italy

  15. Google Sweden

Sports Ratings

  1. NCAA Football Superlist
  2. Rogers Poll

  3. NCAA Basketball Superlist
  4. Kenneth Massey's College Football Comparison Page

Sports Prediction Trackers

  1. The Prediction Tracker NBA
  2. The Prediction Tracker NFL
  3. The Prediction Tracker NCAA Football

Sports Directories

  1. American College Football Rankings
  2. Massey Ratings Rating Links


  1. When Perfect Isn't Good Enough

Sports Magazines

  1. Gridiron Greats
  2. IFRA

Other Links Pages

  1. GBE Ratings's Links
  2. Lee Burdorf's Favorite Links
  3. Peter Wolfe's College Football Links


  1. Get the Picture

If you do not see your page here it is because of one or more of these reasons:

  1. No one came from your site in the previous thirty days to this publication;
  2. Your link is missing or broken;
  3. Your link goes to a site my stats don't monitor
     ( link to pages only);
  4. It's the off-season and your site is slow;
  5. You have a site that is designed only to get traffic;
  6. You have a discussion site and the link is not on the main page;
  7. You have a site that is not acceptable here.


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