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What Are the Best Systems?

That's debatable.

However, thanks to Todd Beck, who puts a lot of work into tracking such things, I have compiled a couple of lists that will give you a good idea - one for the NFL and one for NCAA Football. Here's the setup I use to choose the two predictive systems on the Superlist.

To make the lists, I used four categories - Straight-Up Winners for the season and for the second half, and Against the Spread for the season and for the second half. The winner of the latest season in each of the four categories gets ten points, the winner of the previous season gets nine, and so on to the tenth season back

Here is how they scored this season:


1. The Dr. Edward Kambour NCAA Football Ratings (29)
2. Nutshell Sports NCAA Middle Game Ratings (25)
3. StatFox NCAA College Football Power Ratings (22)
4. Jeff Sagarin NCAA Football Ratings Overall (21)
5. Pigskin Index (16)

NFL (has not been updated)

1. Least Absolute Regression (27)
2. Vegas Line (20)
3. Nutshell Sports NFL Middle Game Ratings (16)
4. Beck ELO (10)
5. (tie) (9)


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