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The Secret Desire of the BCS Ranking:

The MegaRanking does not invent rules or tamper with the computer ratings as the BCS does. It also adds something the BCS lacks - what the fans think! If you want the two best teams, VOTE!


  • Superlist - Computer ratings are impartial

  • The Oddsmakers - Lots of money dependent on accuracy

  • FCS 25 Poll - Fans know whom they like to watch


This is

This BCS concept allows you to be a part of it!


Go to the poll and tell us your choice of the top 25 teams. We have the coaches, we have the computers. We have fans but we want you, too!

The Superlist is a formula based upon the median ranking among nine excellent rating systems.

The Oddsmakers' livelihood depends upon being right. And as Todd Beck's Tracker indicates, they are right a lot.

The FCS 25 Poll is the missing piece in the BCS. Don't you think fans should have their say on what teams go to the big games? Last year the fans did quite a good job. And if you don't like the current rankings of the Better BCS Ranking, you can go to the FCS 25 Poll and express your displeasure by voting for your favorite team.

Credit, of course, goes to  David Wilson who maintains the American College Football Directory that I have always visited often and who calculates the Superlist I formulated with the help of him and Stewart Huckaby. Thanks also to the nine computer rating systems that contribute to it in any given year. Thanks to Kenneth Massey who maintains the College Football Ranking Comparison which I also visit frequently, and our newest contributor, Paul Kislanko who maintains the FCS 25 Poll and, of course, the fans who vote in it each week.


The BCS has been fiddling around with the computers and polls for years trying to get the perfect formula. First they find eight good computer systems and fiddle around with them, then they publish polls without permission, then they make changes every year. One year it's the computers' fault, next year it's the polls' fault. Then they worry about which teams would make more money and draw a better audience and things go haywire as they did last year. I have a better solution.

The computers do a great job. I have been doing some fiddling around of my own and have the perfect solution that should make everyone happy. The answer is to use the following components:

  1. The Superlist - compiled from nine highly reliable computer rating systems with a much better formulation than that of the BCS;

  2. The Oddsmakers' Ratings; and

  3. The FCS25 Poll for Week Three (voted by fans) of whom they think should play. Vote HERE.

The MegaRanking is calculated in an exaggerated mathematical formula centering mostly on the median rank of the three components as well as how many of the components actually included the team in its top 25.


The Better BCS 



The MegaRanking is a unique combination of the SuperList, the FCS 25 Poll,
and the Oddsmakers. Why the Oddsmakers? Can you think of anyone who has
more on the line (no pun intended) that depends on being correct?

The highest possible rating is 30. Real contenders have a rating of 1 or higher.

Here's whom the computers, oddsmakers, and fans like:

rank Team Rating
1 Oregon 30.00
2 Boise State 6.64
3 TCU 5.18
4 Auburn 3.39
5 Alabama 2.49
6 Missouri 1.92
7 Nebraska 1.66
8 Ohio State 1.62
9 Oklahoma 1.40
10 Stanford 1.26
11 Utah 1.07
12 Wisconsin 0.89
13 Iowa 0.74
14 LSU 0.68
15 Michigan State 0.65
16 Arkansas 0.45
17 Arizona 0.44
18 Florida State 0.42
19 Virginia Tech 0.41
20 South Carolina 0.35
21 Oklahoma State 0.32
22 Florida 0.13
23 Mississippi State 0.12
24 Oregon State 0.10
25 USC 0.09

The actual positions of the teams in the various components are not revealed here because I like to protect others' property. For that information please go to their sites.

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