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The Battle of the Sexes

This is the place to see Nutshell take on Nutshell Girl. I've been doing ratings since the 1970's. Nutshell Girl has been watching me do them since the 1980's and she thinks she has a better idea. My ratings beat hers last season against the line while hers beat mine straight up. This season I will keep you up to date on whether hers or mine or a combination of the two rules. The combination is called ... are you ready for this ... Nutshell Combo. It combines my MOV ratings with her win-loss ratings to hopefully create even a better rating systems than either of ours alone. The records are kept by Todd Beck so neither of us can cheat. Even though both of our ratings do better in the second half than in the first, we will compete through the whole season.

That was an incredibly bad week. I thought the NCAA games were flukes but then I got slapped with the NFl. That's okay, though. I think it's the signal for my NFL to take off. Of course, I could be wrong. At least the NBA has been good to us.

Update: Okay, so the NCAA and NFL were both horrible last week. And guess what? the NFL does seem to have taken off. 14-2 against the line. Amazingly that makes the last two weeks 17-15. Not bad, considering that last week was 3-13. Incredibly, that makes the second half of the season better than 55%. I don't know how the bowls will go but the NFL has fully recovered.


The numbers in parentheses () indicate rise or fall in rank comparing second half to season.

I didn't go to the trouble of updating the NCAA since there was only one misplaced game.


No. of Ratings Nutshell Sports Nutshell Combo Nutshell Girl
Beck Symbol NSP NSC NSG
Massey Symbol NUT NSG
Straight Up 61 42 29 34
Against Spread 60 13 9 6
Points Off 61 36 14 39
Straight Up 2nd Half 61 19 (+23) 26 (+3) 41 (-7)
Against Spread 2nd Half 60 4 (+9) 11 (-2) 13 (-7)
Points Off Second Half 61 18 (+18) 16 (-2) 48 (-9)



No. of Ratings Nutshell Sports Nutshell Combo Nutshell Girl
Beck Symbol NSP NSC NSG
Straight Up 64 51 29 34
Against Spread 63 30 8 35
Points Off 64 37 12 13
Straight Up 2nd Half 64 61 (-12) 62 (-33) 57 (-22)
Against Spread 2nd Half 63 32 (-2) 42 (-35) 33 (+2)
Points Off 2nd Half 64 38 (-1) 21 (-9) 19 (-6)

Here are our NBA results for the past two weeks as of 28 December 2009:

No. of Ratings Nutshell Sports Nutshell Combo Nutshell Girl
Beck Symbol NSP NSC NSG
Straight Up 17 16 15 2
Against Spread 16 15 9 2
Points Off 17 15 14 10

Last two weeks against line: Me 46-53, Girl 58-41, Combo 56-43.

These will be updated once or twice per week.


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